This concept has been on my mind a lot lately…Six Degrees of "Interconnection"

01 Dec

Initially, I had this image hanging in my cube as a reminder of a conversation I had with Gianna during one of our road trips. Recently, I have been applying this concept to many aspects of life and noting them down as I go along. It has been more along the lines of idea’s and concepts that interconnect two people…like their tastes in artwork, music, etc…and using these idea’s in some of my photo projects. I’ve realized that I gravitate to this concept or “Degree’s of Interconnection” from my professional work. The position that I have done for awhile has trained my mind to constantly visualize how large scale complex systems work together. I tend to not think of how far away two concepts are from each other, but rather how they connect at any level.

Side note…it just occurred to me if anyone has done anything like this for Pandora? The fundamental link that connects the different stations is “you”….but are there any other links there that Pandora sees that you aren’t quite aware of?

I’m not entirely sure what to do with this whole thing…but I should thank Malcolm Gladwell. The review of his latest book in the New York Times brought this whole thing to the forefront of my mornings work 🙂

I’m curious how you and I are interconnected? And in how many different ways?

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