30 day challenges for 2012

18 Dec

After going through ReadWriteWeb’s roundup on the Best TED video’s of 2011, I’m brainstorming possible 30 day challenges for the entirety of 2012. The main inspiration for the 30 day challenges was from Matt Cutts presentation on Trying Something New for 30 Days.

So, after a bit of brainstorming and doing the standard Google search of  ’30 day challenge lists’, I’ve listed 24 potential candidates for next year.

1.) Bikram Yoga (tie this one to the next one)
2.) Bikram Yoga (30 + 30) to complete 60 day challenge
3.) Top Fives – 30 Day Challenge
4.) Book 30 Day Challenge
5.) 30 Day Song Challenge
6.) A picture a day and post to Flickr
7.) 30 Day Challenge About Me
8.) 30 Day Blog Challenge
9.) Create a 10 song album
10.) Recommend 1 song per day on Spotify (would have to be person specific and a write-up posted)
11.) Eat Vegan for 30 days  (No Meat, dairy, cheese)
12.) Learn 30 new words or 30 words in 30 languages in 30 days.
13.) Write a 50,000 Novel (National Novel writing Month)
14.) Meditate for 15 minutes everyday (isn’t Bikram yoga a 90 minute moving meditation?)
15.) Go left-handed instead of right
16.) Be thankful for something each day
17.) 30 days of learning something new about the Arts every day? For example, you could use the “Random article” function on Wikipedia till you get to something art-related (and detailed enough) that you had no knowledge of, and then read it all the way through.
18.) A (Decent) blog entry everyday about something you are passionate about.
19.) one new TED video every day (have to write commentary)
20.) Try writing 750 every day for 30 days. Neat site to do it at: 750words
21.) 30 days of learning about a new country every day (for about 10-15 minutes each day).
22.) 30 days of doing push-ups and crunches in the morning or evening.
23.) 30 days of no alcohol/chocolate/coffee
24.) Complete (x)number of classes on Khan Academy (because this is the future of education)

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