30 Day Challenges for 2012 – My Final List

20 Dec

Final List
January – 30 days of Bikam Yoga
Febraury – 30 days of Bikram Yoga (complete the 60 in 60 challenge)
March – Vegan Diet (No Meat, Dairy, Cheese, etc..) (I’m not too familiar with this type of diet, but some research in order)
April – No Alcohol
May – No Chocolate (M&M’s is gonna take a revenue dip because of this)
June – 30 TED video’s with a write-up
July – One photo a day and post to Flickr
August – 30 days of learning something new about the Arts, with a write-up. Maybe a Boise centric twist to this.
September – Create a 10 song album. Post to SoundCloud.
October – Complete as many lessons as possible at the Khan Academy
November – Go left handed instead of right (writing and computer usage primarily, but attentive to as much as possible)
December – 30 days of being Thankful

Well, that’s the official list and I have some planning to do to make it all happen. I go with the intent of making 2012 a different kind of experience and really investing in every month in a new way. I certainly want to thank Matt Cutts (of Google) for the inspiration of this list.

May your 2012 be awesome in any way you decide to change it and make it a more memorable experience.



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