Goal update

10 Jan

I’m 10 days into my 60 and 60 Bikram Yoga challenge and things are going well so far.

Yesterday has been the only day where things hit the wall a bit. But as the SEALs say, “The only easy day was yesterday.”

I was fortunate to be at the class where one of my classmates completed the 60 in 60 challenge. It was great to participate in the class and cheer her on to the end. I was able to congratulate her after class and her words of wisdom were, “Keep going! It’s absolutely amazing.”

I was able to catch up with her today before class and she gave me a great pep talk about days where it can be really tough and that she was going to put out some good energy for me to have a strong experience today. I think it certainly helped in today’s class where it went so much better than yesterday. I am certainly glad that I put in so much effort in October, November, and December to get ready for this challenge. It will help in the long run. Of course, having a very set schedule, diet, and sleep pattern, helps a ton as well 🙂 I feel so much better already after those first three tough months, but it has been well worth it.

After a bit of time for friends and associates to digest my 30 day challenges for 2012, I’ve found after some discussion with a lot of them that I’ve been able to classify most of their reactions. Groups posted below:

When it comes to goals, I’ve found there are three groups of people:
1.) Those who know what you are going through, they support you 110%, and go out of their way to let you know they want you to succeed.
2.) Those that doubt the goal itself and in some form have a negative attitude towards you because you’re actually doing something different.
3.) Those that don’t give a fuck and think your insane anyway, regardless of what you do.

Luckily, I have this great gift of putting on blinders and not caring what anyone thinks and continuing to push forward. It’s called Persistence. I was very lucky to have studied martial arts (combat hapkido), which teaches amazing amounts of patience, persistence, dedication, discipline, and an unstoppable will to succeed.

Ultimately, no goal is ever achieved alone and the credit goes to all of my teachers who have put in so many selfless hours to make me and my fellow students that much better day in and day out.

Here’s to you on your journey to complete your next goal! May it be an awesome journey!



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