60 in 60 complete

04 Mar

On February 29, I completed my 60th Bikram Yoga class in 60 days. Goal is complete!

As part of completing the goal, we sign the 60 in 60 Challenge wall that is in the studio. I have struggled for the last two months to decide on what to write. I had it down to 3 different quotes as I finished, but didn’t actually sign the wall until day 61. This is what popped into my head in a moment of inspiration during the 61st class…

“The Heat will Heal.”

This was a combination of a quote from one of my teachers (“Believe in the process”) and my favorite part of Bikram Yoga…the Heat! This really defined my experience for the 60 in 60, as I worked through an injury in my right Achilles tendon from days 10 to 24. This was the roughest part of the challenge for me from a physical standpoint. I had real trouble walking at all during this period. After day 24, it was completely healed and haven’t had a problem since. But boy, that was a rough patch to go through.

As some have asked what I did to get ready for the challenge, it really was the culmination of about 3 months of prep work, which occurred from October to December of 2011. I slowly added more and more days of continuous yoga until I was going 7 days straight, in the month of December.

The last 5 to 6 months have been about really staying focused on changing and improving my lifestyle. I figured if I can work towards the 60 in 60 goal, all the other things would fall into place…and I was right.

In working for this goal, I’ve been fortunate to inspire some friends to actually try out Yoga (via videos and one actually going to Vinyasa classes). This has really surprised me, as many people still don’t know much about yoga and don’t really take it seriously. The most satisfying thing is when I get to talk to someone who has just tried their first class and hearing their reaction. It usually involves something along the lines of, “I can’t believe how hard that is…but I feel really good!” After they’ve taken a couple classes, they’ve come to me and said, “You’re crazy…you did 60 days in a row that?” I tell them that they can do it too. Everybody could do it, they have to have the motivation and determination to complete it.

As with all goals, they aren’t accomplished by yourself. It took a lot of help and support from all of the teachers and fellow students at Boise Bikram Yoga. Also, I can’t forget the support of friends and family who completely supported me and those that thought I was completely nuts. They both provided motivation to complete the challenge.

I wish you all the best in completing your challenges in 2012. Namaste!

“The Heat will Heal.”


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