The Gratuitous ARP…some more…

13 May

The current list of potential fixes for this issue is very short and not entirely with consistent results.

Of note in the serverfault thread on this issue, is that Microsoft created a hotfix, In our testing, this hotfix didn’t correct the issue. Though, there were successful implementations of this fix, as noted on the thread.

From the Cisco forums and Microsoft forums, the following noted fix can also be attempted. “craft an NDIS driver and push out our own GARP with the SPA set whenever we completed asserting an IP address.” Though, we haven’t gone down this path yet, it seems several companies have implemented this fix with success.

We’ve created an in house solution that has had inconsistent results. I’m hoping further testing and development will allow us to come up with a much more robust solution for this issue.

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Posted by on May 13, 2012 in The Chain


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