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Finding the Volume Automation in Ableton Live

My issue was how to create a volume fade for the end of a recent piece and after some searching, I found some references to creating an automation line in the Arrangement view. Several of the clips that were in the piece had a drop down menu for controlling the volume and some did not. I wasn’t entirely sure how those tracks got them assigned, but ultimately, I wanted to have a volume fade on the Master track.

With some poking around within the interface, I stumbled upon the following, after right clicking on the Master track volume indicator.

After selecting the, “Show Automation,” you can then switch over to the Arrangement View and adjust the volume accordingly.

This is probably common knowledge for many seasoned Ableton users, but it wasn’t entirely intuitive for me. Once it was figured out, the result was exactly what I was looking for. I certainly like the way Ableton automation lines work and look forward to implementing them in many different ways.

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Posted by on August 1, 2012 in Ableton, Music


Use of Impulse in Ableton

I’ve completed my first go at using the Impulse module in Ableton and have to say that I like the results. A huge part of the improvement goes to the following video post. A very helpful introduction to using the Impulse module in Ableton. It really helped me to get my drum setup much more organized.

My completed first test is here:

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Posted by on July 29, 2012 in Ableton, M-Audio KeyStudio, Music, Soundcloud


Ableton setup with M-Audio KeyStudio…I’m a newb

As I’ve gotten back into the swing of writing music, I’ve recently added a Novation Launchpad and a M-Audio KeyStudio keyboard to my musical arsenal.

The version of Ableton that came with the Launchpad was the Live 8 Launchpad Edition. From a setup perspective, the Launchpad was relatively easy to get up and running. The two issues that I ran into was setting up the Midi Sync configuration and the Audio output.

There didn’t seem to be much documentation out of the box for the Launchpad in setting up the Midi Sync configuration, so I consulted Google and found a couple of articles concerning Ableton Midi Sync setup. After some experimentation, I found the correct setup.

For my own future reference, below is my current Midi Sync configuration for the LaunchPad and the KeyStudio.

For the Audio input issue that I ran into was more to do with the KeyStudio because it comes with a USB dongle that has a microphone input and a headphone output. During the install of the dongle, it appears to take over all outbound sound, which is fine if I was just using the KeyStudio by itself, but that’s not the case with my setup. Nor would I think it would be normal with anyone with an already existing DAW installed. The main issue was with working with Ableton, which had the master audio output going to the laptop audio output and when using the KeyStudio, the audio was going through the dongle. Two different audio outputs when trying to work on a new piece is frustrating if you you’re just starting to figure out all this new stuff. After some digging around, I found the following configuration items in the Audio section of the Ableton Preferences.

As you can see, I’ve set both the Audio input and output to the M-Audio dongle. I didn’t really need to set the Audio input to the M-Audio, but I just set it to keep it consistent with the output. Obviously, you can set it to any other recognized input device.

With no other issues encountered, I happily went about creating a rough test piece which can be found here on SoundCloud.

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Posted by on July 18, 2012 in Ableton, M-Audio KeyStudio, Music