The Gratuitous ARP

The Gratuitous ARP.

We currently face an issue where everyone is throwing around the term, ‘Gratuitous ARP.’ It is a problem that is causing us issue with rolling database instances to new hardware, or another example would be moving IP addresses in a cluster scenario.

The real issue faced is that of the behavior involving Windows Server 2008 R2.

First, a Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 will not update the Neighbor cache if an ARP broadcast is received unless it is part of a broadcast ARP request for the receiver. What this means is that when a gratuitous ARP is sent on a network with Windows Vista and Widows Server 2008, these systems will not update their cache with incorrect information if there is an IP address conflict.

…more to come after I sleep. An extra long day in which many things were broken.

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The Chain

Read an interesting blog post yesterday in regards to writing everyday on topics you are learning about. The post was from Chris Strom and it can be found here.

I like the idea of writing everyday to help understand knowledge. I am completely doing this for myself and if I happen to help someone else along the way, that will be awesome!

I’m still working out the early topics and I certainly want a list going ahead of time before I commit myself to a long term project.

For starters, I’m going to utilize the vast amount topics we come up with everyday at work. A small group of software engineers with very strong opinions about a wide range of topics…I should always have a large amount of material to work with.

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60 in 60 complete

On February 29, I completed my 60th Bikram Yoga class in 60 days. Goal is complete!

As part of completing the goal, we sign the 60 in 60 Challenge wall that is in the studio. I have struggled for the last two months to decide on what to write. I had it down to 3 different quotes as I finished, but didn’t actually sign the wall until day 61. This is what popped into my head in a moment of inspiration during the 61st class…

“The Heat will Heal.”

This was a combination of a quote from one of my teachers (“Believe in the process”) and my favorite part of Bikram Yoga…the Heat! This really defined my experience for the 60 in 60, as I worked through an injury in my right Achilles tendon from days 10 to 24. This was the roughest part of the challenge for me from a physical standpoint. I had real trouble walking at all during this period. After day 24, it was completely healed and haven’t had a problem since. But boy, that was a rough patch to go through.

As some have asked what I did to get ready for the challenge, it really was the culmination of about 3 months of prep work, which occurred from October to December of 2011. I slowly added more and more days of continuous yoga until I was going 7 days straight, in the month of December.

The last 5 to 6 months have been about really staying focused on changing and improving my lifestyle. I figured if I can work towards the 60 in 60 goal, all the other things would fall into place…and I was right.

In working for this goal, I’ve been fortunate to inspire some friends to actually try out Yoga (via videos and one actually going to Vinyasa classes). This has really surprised me, as many people still don’t know much about yoga and don’t really take it seriously. The most satisfying thing is when I get to talk to someone who has just tried their first class and hearing their reaction. It usually involves something along the lines of, “I can’t believe how hard that is…but I feel really good!” After they’ve taken a couple classes, they’ve come to me and said, “You’re crazy…you did 60 days in a row that?” I tell them that they can do it too. Everybody could do it, they have to have the motivation and determination to complete it.

As with all goals, they aren’t accomplished by yourself. It took a lot of help and support from all of the teachers and fellow students at Boise Bikram Yoga. Also, I can’t forget the support of friends and family who completely supported me and those that thought I was completely nuts. They both provided motivation to complete the challenge.

I wish you all the best in completing your challenges in 2012. Namaste!

“The Heat will Heal.”


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Goal Update

Now that I’m a third of the way through the 60 day challenge (22/60), I’m going through my notes from every class and glad to find a couple of things.

1.) I’ve only had had one really bad day so far, day 9. (Knock on wood, as I hope I haven’t just jinxed myself) Very grateful that the next class was full of inspiration from fellow yogi’s. It made the recovery so much faster.

2.) Something started working its way out from my right Achilles tendon on day 12 and it just stopped hurting today, day 22. I’ve mostly had throbbing discomfort throughout my right ankle, knee, and hip during that time. I’ve had to make adjustments every class to really watch my alignment when sitting on my ankles during the floor series.  As most little aches and pains seem to heal by the next day, this had me concerned after a week and had to ask several teachers advice on what to do. The consensus is to always watch the alignment and it will work its way out. This just took a lot longer than normal, but glad to see it finally getting better.

3.) Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. I’m addicted to Gatorade, apples, and oranges. Even with a constant vigil on staying as hydrated as possible, it’s a fine balancing act to not go to far….or you’re peeing all the time 🙂

4.)  Any recommendations on a hand moisturizer that can actually keep up with the daily yoga beat down of dehydration? My hands are turning into a cracked desert.

5.) To help the overall goal, I’ve given up coffee (since Jan 2) and beer (officially this past Christmas). The only caffeine has been green tea in the morning and its been going well. No raging headache withdrawal at all. Yay! I actually don’t really miss either. The coffee I don’t miss, but will probably enjoy a mixed beverage or two after this challenge is over 🙂

6.) Consistent sleep is a benefit. I’ve stopped taking naps on the weekend, just to make sure I get a full nights sleep every night. I made the mistake of naps going into the second week and that made the following Monday awful because I was up to late the night before. The key has been to be very strict with going to bed at the same time every night.

7.) Read the Fitness section of Pinterest every day. There is so much inspiration there that it helps knowing there a lot of others out there toughing out every day as well. My only ding about that section is that there aren’t enough posts of men doing yoga. Granted, I truly appreciate a woman executing an amazing posture, but it’d be good to see more guys busting out some rockin’ postures for inspiration. I suppose I should take up the task and do it myself. We’ll see how it goes when I’m done with the challenge.

8.) Very grateful to every teacher and yogi who has provided inspiration and support.

I hope your challenge is going well and I wish you the best.



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Goal update

I’m 10 days into my 60 and 60 Bikram Yoga challenge and things are going well so far.

Yesterday has been the only day where things hit the wall a bit. But as the SEALs say, “The only easy day was yesterday.”

I was fortunate to be at the class where one of my classmates completed the 60 in 60 challenge. It was great to participate in the class and cheer her on to the end. I was able to congratulate her after class and her words of wisdom were, “Keep going! It’s absolutely amazing.”

I was able to catch up with her today before class and she gave me a great pep talk about days where it can be really tough and that she was going to put out some good energy for me to have a strong experience today. I think it certainly helped in today’s class where it went so much better than yesterday. I am certainly glad that I put in so much effort in October, November, and December to get ready for this challenge. It will help in the long run. Of course, having a very set schedule, diet, and sleep pattern, helps a ton as well 🙂 I feel so much better already after those first three tough months, but it has been well worth it.

After a bit of time for friends and associates to digest my 30 day challenges for 2012, I’ve found after some discussion with a lot of them that I’ve been able to classify most of their reactions. Groups posted below:

When it comes to goals, I’ve found there are three groups of people:
1.) Those who know what you are going through, they support you 110%, and go out of their way to let you know they want you to succeed.
2.) Those that doubt the goal itself and in some form have a negative attitude towards you because you’re actually doing something different.
3.) Those that don’t give a fuck and think your insane anyway, regardless of what you do.

Luckily, I have this great gift of putting on blinders and not caring what anyone thinks and continuing to push forward. It’s called Persistence. I was very lucky to have studied martial arts (combat hapkido), which teaches amazing amounts of patience, persistence, dedication, discipline, and an unstoppable will to succeed.

Ultimately, no goal is ever achieved alone and the credit goes to all of my teachers who have put in so many selfless hours to make me and my fellow students that much better day in and day out.

Here’s to you on your journey to complete your next goal! May it be an awesome journey!



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Made for Pinterest

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What phrase does someone use to describe you…

Yesterday evening I enjoyed a get together with a current and a former roommate at the R&R Public House. In an evening of enjoying great conversation, the phrase one of them used to introduce me to one of their friends that happened to be there at the same time. I was introduced this way, “This is Mike, he’s a yoga guy.”

What struck me at the time was, “hmm…that’s not really a great description, but I’ll go with it.” I suppose people pick a description of you that is relevant to the person they are introducing you to. I am guessing that since the person that I was being introduced to was a tennis instructor, using a sport type description was the most relevant frame of reference.

I suppose we all do this type of reference framing, to give the other person some sort of context to start a conversation with. I imagine there is a social psychology term for this type of interaction, but I don’t know it nor have looked into it deeper.

The fun of this realization hitting me mid-conversation was that I could try and change the conversation to find out more about a new person than just the initial description. This was like conversational aikido..back and forth until you can dig a little deeper than just the initial description. Granted, I do enjoy talking about yoga and all its benefits, but there is so much more to a person. What was great to find out was that this new person was originally from New York and we had a great time talking about upstate NY. Such a small world.

What I find important to remember is that there is always so much more beyond that initial description. Dig a little deeper and you’ll be surprised what you find.

What phrase has been used to describe you in an introduction that you thought didn’t quite do you well enough?

-Mike, ‘the yoga guy’ 😉

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